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I am basing my campaign on three core themes that impact the ability of our county’s residents to be happy productive citizens. All our residents deserve to have the tools and the opportunity to thrive. This is why I am basing my campaign on 3 core areas.

Gun Safety

Fundamental to our well being is a sense of safety. We deserve to feel safe in our homes, churches, yoga studios, schools, and grocery stores, and parades.

 We must reduce the number of unsecured firearms in our country. Weapons of war have no place in civilian hands. These weapons are not used for hunting, sport shooting or for self-defense. All 3 legitimate reasons for owning a firearm. 

Many citizen groups have come together with law enforcement and responsible gun owners to promote gun safety measures and to return some sanity to the interpretation of the second amendment. Measures that support safe storage education, strengthen our background checks program, and implement red flag laws are filed in the General Assembly every year. I will fully support these measures.

Health Safety

700,000 people in our state do not have access to health care. We must expand Medicaid. We must also pass measures that ensure that everyone in our state that may become pregnant unintentionally has access to the safe health care they deserve.  It is vitally important that people who may become pregnant maintain the legal autonomy to make their own health care decisions. We deserve to have the privacy and the freedom to make our own decisions. Two bills, S.B.888 and H.B 1119 have been filed by our representatives. These would codify Roe v Wade and Planned Parenthood v Casey and guarantee reproductive health care choices for all North Carolinians.

Climate Safety

All of us dream of a happy and prosperous future for our children. We want them to have a great education and many good job opportunities close by. We must reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and move with haste towards clean energy solutions. The North Carolina Clean Energy Plan lays the groundwork for this transition. It requires political will to enforce these measures and more. I believe we must put a price on carbon and move NC to net zero carbon emissions by 2030. Various citizen lobby groups throughout our state such as the Citizens Climate Lobby and are working tirelessly to make sure NC is as resilient and prepared as possible for our climate crises.